Bedside Business

This podcast was born out of a desire to help our fellow medical school classmates understand the business side of medicine. We had seen to many people roll their eyes and give us judging glances when we told them we were a part of the Medical Business Association on campus. Yet, these same classmates would excitedly tell us about a recent lecture concerning a Physician offering a cash clinic that greatly helped immigrants, the uninsured, and the underprivileged.

“I think one of the biggest ways in which we have failed in medicine is by . . . abdicating our responsibility to patients financially.”

Dr. Demetrio J Aguila, III, MD FACS – Episode #2: The M25 Program

When medical students understand business principles, they will be better prepared to tackle their own student debt. They will make business decisions that positively impact their patients both financially, physically, and mentally. They will be better prepared to engage in the national political landscape surrounding healthcare.

We hope this podcast will help medical professionals everywhere as we seek to better understand the Business of the Bedside.